OTS PUUTÖÖKODA OÜ has organized international wood sculpture festival „PUUKUJU“ (“Sculpture from wood”) since the year 1998.

Every year in the end of June wood artists come together in a small village called Külaoru. During 5 days artists make their wood sculptures. We as organizers offer them free catering, camping place, sauna, petrol and oil for the saw, electricity and compressed air for cleaning the tools.

People can also take part of this festival. One day is called „Rahvapäev“ – „Peoples day“. On that day everybody can come and see how artists work and talk to them, they can see the sculptures and enjoy some entertainment.

„PUUKUJU“ is sponsored by districts, companies and private persons. Finished wood sculptures are generally gifted to sponsors.

After 5 days of working there will be an open air exhebition of wood sculptures. Exhebition will be opened during July in the village Külaoru.